Friday, September 4, 2015

 These are the five blogs that I have chosen to prove useful in creating my personal brand strategy.  In my own personal opinion, every single person in the class has a blog that I can relate to and find useful in forming my own brand in one way or another.  Some are sports lovers which holds a big place in my heart and lifestyle as well, others are first time bloggers which I can closely relate too and one individual has her own jewelry business which I think is amazing and very inspiring as I too am trying to become successful and start my career in whatever it may be.  One individual seems to have a big heart who loves to make people laugh which is where my personal brand comes in.  I have been through a lot of difficult tragedies here and there throughout my life time just like many others.  Making each day count and putting a smile on one anothers face is what makes this life worth while.  It was a stranger who knew nothing about me that reached out and made me laugh even when I didn't want to that helped me get through a very rough bump in the road.  Everyone goes through something at some point or another, lend a hand, make them smile, tell a joke and reach out; you never know how you could be changing someones life and yours as well.

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