Monday, September 14, 2015

Kylie's Professional Social Media Blog

As a young professional, I have professional resumes, cover letters, bios, references and skill sets  listed on many different sites.  My goal is to actually sell myself to employers making them believe that I would be the perfect candidate for their company.  Including a professional profile picture, going into great detail describing my previous work history and schooling history, including personal references, skill sets, recommendations, and any groups or volunteer work I was apart of is something I make sure to cover.  It's also very important to come across to my employers as being determined, confident, educated, and driven.  I want them to be able to see my driven attitude from just reading a short paragraph.  Since I am young and new to recruiting and the full time work world, I also create my professional profiles by looking at others who are too in the same field with a bit more experience.  I have profiles listed on Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, and LinkedIn.  I have many different organizations and or groups that I have  strong interest in joining.  Most of them are head hunting/staffing groups and a few are HR groups posting advice, tips and quotes daily.  


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